5 questions to ask yourself before hiring a web designer

There are various levels of experience among web developers. While both web developers claim five years of experience, one may be more capable and meet your needs better. In addition to the standard interview questions, try the following to find the best web developer for your next project:

1. Describe your keyword strategy.

If you work in search marketing, you’ll need a web developer to ensure that your back-end SEO strategy matches the work you’re doing to optimize your website content. You should look for other candidates if they don’t have a solid strategy for making your keywords work.

2. Do you have an online portfolio?

Because all web developers should have a portfolio, failing to put together a professional portfolio is a sure sign that you should look elsewhere. Your portfolio should provide you with a good sense of its aesthetics as well as whether or not its coding is appropriate. Request that they bring the complete code from one of their most recent projects (not just a few snippets). This will help you determine how clean your code is.

3. What are some of your favorite websites? What’s your least favorite?

You can get a good idea of a candidate’s knowledge by asking about their favorite and least favorite websites. It also teaches you more about their aesthetic and where they get their inspiration.

4. Do you meet the current Internet standards?

To ensure that the site works on all operating systems and web browsers, any good developer must adhere to the most recent web standards. This is an excellent opportunity to test their HTML knowledge: While all developers can write HTML, some cannot function without a reference manual. If they make minor errors or are careless when writing HTML, they may lack the level of detail and insight you seek in a web developer.

5. Do you prefer to work on larger or smaller projects?

You’ll want to determine how used they are to working. If you are used to creating larger sites and want to create a smaller site, some of the finer details may be lost. They may not be able to take on a larger project if you are looking for a large site and are used to smaller sites. You should ensure that your web developer’s experience level is appropriate for the project at hand.

When selecting a web developer, it is critical to ensure that they are a good fit for your company or project. A few simple questions can help you weed out the bad candidates and find the best candidate for the job.

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