Acer Stream is a versatile Android smartphone

While Acer’s experience in the smartphone market is limited, the company has done its best so far. The Acer Stream, the company’s most recent entry into the Android smartphone market, is no exception.

With a long list of key features included as standard, it’s difficult to find anything wrong with this phone, and it appears to be well-positioned to compete with some of the more established mainstream smartphones.

The phone itself is attractive, measuring 119.5 x 63 x 11.2 mm and weighing 140 grams, making it easy to carry in a pocket and a pleasure to hold and use on the go.

The 3.7-inch AMOLED capacitive touchscreen can display up to 16 million colors at its 480×800 pixel resolution, which is considered the industry standard for a screen of this size. An accelerometer sensor is included to automatically rotate the screen content based on how the phone is held. This makes it ideal for viewing portrait and landscape photos and videos.

Acer’s custom UI replaces the standard Android 2.1 UI, which still allows access to the Android Market. It provides users with access to a large number of apps from various categories that can be downloaded and installed. There is plenty of storage as standard, with 2GB internal storage and an 8GB memory card pre-installed in the microSD slot, which can be replaced with a card up to 32GB.

The initial means of connecting to cellular networks is through GPRS and EDGE, whereas the Internet relies on both 3G and Wi-Fi coverage. HSDPA connections provide up to 7.2 Mbps in areas where 3G is available, while Wi-Fi provides a faster connection thanks to local wireless networks where available. You can connect your phone to other devices via Bluetooth and micro USB.

The Acer Stream includes a well-built and versatile 5-megapixel digital camera. Its features include autofocus and image stabilization, and GPS allows geotagging, which displays the location of photos taken on a map. The camera can capture 720p HD video at 24 frames per second.

A plethora of built-in features are included, owing primarily to the adaptability of the Android 2.1 operating system. These range from entertainment to productivity tools, indicating that the Acer Stream is equally at home in the office. An HDMI TV port allows the phone to be connected to a high definition TV, where HD video can be fully appreciated.

If you’re looking for an alternative to mainstream smartphones with a variety of powerful hardware and software, the Acer Stream is worth investigating further.

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