Grants To Pay Off Student Loans In 2022

No student wish to pay school fee with student loans. But they do when they do not have other means. While it is easy to collect student loans, it is not easy to pay it back. However, there are grants to pay off student loans. Are you finding it difficult to service your student debt? If yes, keep reading this article. You will find a grant for you.

List Of Grants To Pay Off Student Loans

As we have different student loans, so we have different grants to pay off student loans. Find below are some of the available grants.

1. $2,000 College Repayment Grant

Are you a graduate with a student loan? Did you collect student loan for your graduate child? You’re eligible for this grant!. The reward is $2,000. And the deadline is every month end.

2. Forget Your Student Debt No-Essay Grant

As far as you collected student loan, this grant is for you. There’s no other criterion or criteria aside this. Its deadline is every month end. And the announcement of winner is December 2022.

3. Nurse Corps Loan Repayment Program

This Program is for nurses who are struggling to service their students debt. So, if you are a nurse in this situation, 85% will be paid off through this grant.

However, the offer is open to the following types of nurse:

• Advanced practice registered nurses
• Licensed registered nurses
• Nurse faculty members educated at an accredited nursing school in the U.S.

In addition, nurses who are willing to apply for this grant must work for at least two years in a Critical Shortage Facility. Or engage in important service in community that needs nursing professionals.

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4. Armed Forces Loan Payment Programs

United States military has different branches that comfort students with grants to service their student debts. Find below some of these branches:

• Navy Student Loan Repayment
• Air Force JAG Program
• Army Reserve Loan Repayment
• National Guard Loan Repayment
• Army College Loan Repayment

However, each of these branches operations is a bit different. It’s important to note that these grants are for federal students loans.

5. The Veterinary Medicine Loan Repayment Program (VMLRP)

This grant is for veterinarians who to service their student debts. However, applicants must have an accredited degree in Medical. Also, they must owe $15,000 student debt.

6. Employer Grants and Tuition Reimbursement

Some companies are now helping their staff to service their student debts. Among these companies are Google which matches up to $2,500 per year and Fidelity Investments which offers up to $15,000. Other companies are Carhartt, Estée Lauder, Hulu, Ally Financial, etc.

7 National Institute of Mental Health Loan Repayment Program

Are you a health care professional? Do you want to pursue your career in behavioural, clinical or social research in a non-profit? National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) can give you grant to service your student debt.

Do I have To Repay Grant?

No, you do not have to repay grant. However, there are some grant’s sponsors who ask recipients to keep to some rules. And if they fail to keep to the rules, they could lose the grants. Or asked to repay the ones they already collected.

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What If I Cannot Get Student Loan Grant?

Grants to pay off student loans are many. But it is not everyone who will get it. However, make sure you meet all the requirements of the grant you want to apply for.