How to Immigrate To Canada As A Refugee In 2022

Immigrate To Canada As A Refugee – In light of what is happening in most parts of the world today, we have decided to cover an important topic on how to immigrate to Canada as a refugee.

Do you know that aside the economic and family class immigration programs, there are also other immigration programs that are designed to serve other important purpose? There are also less familiar immigration programs designed for refugees and protected persons and the humanitarian categories.

Canada’s high immigrant admissions targets include those who are fleeing from tough and life-threatening circumstances in their home country. In fact, Canada is currently planning to welcome over 59,000 refugees and protected persons in this year.

4 Best Ways to Immigrate to Canada as a Refugee This Year

According to our experience in the immigration field, here are our recommended best ways to immigrate to Canada as a refugee.

How to Immigrate to Canada

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  1. Claim a refugee status from inside Canada

Foreign immigrants are allowed to seek refugee status from inside Canada if you are scared of facing torture, risk to life or severe punishment when you get back to your home country. Please note that its important you file your claim from within Canada. If you arrived Canada via the united states, you might not be eligible for this status. The reason is that Canada has an agreement with the united state, that people who are interested in making a claim must do so in the first safe country they arrive in. But If you have a family in Canada and you happen to arrive at the united state first, you will be eligible for this program.

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Note that to be eligible to file for a refugee claim, you must meet with the below conditions:

  • You must be recognized as a convention refugee by another country that you can easily return to
  • You were granted protected person status in Canada
  • You came into Canada through the Canada-united states border
  • You have previously made a refugee claim in another country
  • You have previously filed a refugee claim that wasn’t accepted
  • You have filed a refugee claim that was rejected by the IRB.

So if you fall under any of the above conditions, you might not be successful with the refugee application.

  • The United Nations Refugee Agency
  • Private sponsorship group.
  • Get Sponsored as A refugee

First and foremost, we highly recommend that you make sure you are referred to be resettled by the United Nations Refugee Agency or a private sponsor. A Canadian visa officer will then be in the right position to decide if you meet the minimum eligibility requirements to be resettled and you will be admitted to Canada. Here are two ways you can be sponsored to immigrate to Canada as a refugee:

Private Sponsorship

The Canadian government allows private groups to present names of people they would like to sponsor as refugees In Canada. However, sponsors are expected to be part of the private sponsorship of refugee program that allows private groups to sponsor eligible refugees In Canada. Private sponsors are expected to support a refugee for the sponsorship period, usually up to a period of one year. The support you will be getting includes:

  • Start up cost which includes furniture and clothing
  • Cost for basic amenities such as food, house, public transportation etc.
  • Social and emotional support
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Blended Visa Office Referred Program

Another important sponsorship program is the blended visa office referred program. You will be eligible for this program if you have already been referred by the UNHCR and screened by the Canadian government. This program is designed to support and make it easier for private members to sponsor refugees as the cost of resettlement is split with the government

  • Resettlement of LGBTQ2 Refugees

Canada is well known, and also has a long history of protecting and helping the worlds most vulnerable group of people. Example of such people include: lesbian, gay, bisexual, two spirit and queer community. Canada also helps to protect those persecuted based on their sexual orientation by providing funding to the rainbow refugee society. This Society works with other sponsorship agreement holders to sponsor LGBTQ2 refugees to come to Canada.