Set up a call center using an Android phone with Enjay Synapse Mobile

What is synapse for mobile?

There are two components to Enjay Synapse’s mobile solution.

Enjay Synapse Mobile – CRM module.

Enjay Synapse Mobile – Android app.

Synapse Mobile is an Android based app that works with Sugar CRM or any version of Sugar (such as SuiteCRM). Allows your Android phone to act as a call center device. For example: you receive a call on your mobile phone and a pop-up window appears in your CRM, or you press the number in CRM and Synapse Mobile automatically dials from your Android phone.

You can also use Synapse to send/receive SMS. All calls / SMS (incoming / outgoing) are recorded in CRM automatically. Even calls are recorded (under applicable conditions) and the recording is done in the CRM (conversation module).

How does a synapse work?

Accept any call on your mobile phone and your CRM screen will display the caller details.

You press any number in Seattle and a call will be automatically dialed from your cell phone

All incoming and outgoing calls are automatically recorded in CRM

Call recording is also synced with CRM, which means you can access call recording logs from CRM

Calls are recorded in the Android app and periodically synchronized with CRM

Requirements for using ENJAY SYNAPSE

A browser on any computer to access CRM.

Android phone where you can install Enjay synapse mobile app. Android phone must be on Android 4.4

It is best that both the Android phone and the computer with your browser be on the same Wi-Fi. However, even if the mobile works on 3G and your computer uses Wi-Fi, it can also work without problems.

ENJAY Summary Feature List

Incoming call popup.

Click to make outgoing calls.

Call log directly in CRM.

Call recording file directly in CRM.

Send an SMS from your CRM, and it will go from your mobile.

If you receive SMS on mobile, you are registered in CRM.

All calls / SMS registered in CRM are automatically linked (to a contact / contact / account) and assigned to the particular user.

Advantages of using the ENJAY SYNAPSE call center:

Capex is not required for installation. No expensive hardware or software required for installation.

No need for a telephony server (or EPABX).

There is no need to install the CRM server locally.

No PRI modems are needed.

No need for an IP phone.

No wiring required.



PRI problems


PRI lines are difficult to reach due to technical and feasibility issues.

Calls made from PRI lines are much more expensive than GSM charges.

Not suitable for smaller teams as PRI always comes in bulk 10/30 lines.

The monthly budget (or commitment) is much higher and is not affordable for smaller groups.

If any customer files a complaint about a DNC violation (do not call), their entire PRI line is blocked, which means their entire call center is down.



Additional benefits


Each number is linked to individual agents. So there is no need for smart routing.

Response rates to landlines (or telemarketing) are always low. Therefore, calling from a GSM (mobile) number increases your chances of receiving calls.

A certain level of call distribution and call queuing can be achieved using the mobile call forwarding functions (for example, if busy, then transferred to another mobile phone number or if not answered within certain seconds, transferred to another mobile phone number). Note: These services are provided by your carrier and not by Synapse Mobile.


The advantages of technology

All calls are automatically recorded in CRM. Which means you get great reports.

Management of missed calls (directly from the CRM panel).

Call recording file directly in CRM (call module).

Calls are related to leads / contacts / accounts directly in CRM.

The call arrangement is selected directly in the CRM (much easier to manage).

Do lead/sales management also in combination with conventional telephony, increasing efficiency to a much higher level.

You manage everything on the big screen in the browser, which is much easier to handle compared to the mobile device.

You can manage multiple campaigns for multiple users (or groups).

The big advantage in data security because you don’t give Excel files to callers, but you upload them safely. Users can only make calls and cannot download any data.


Excellent report

Intelligent user calls.

Total call duration

Productivity reports.

Many CRM platform reports are customized.



Improved productivity


Enjay Synapse supports email and SMS templates.

The manager/administrator can view live statistics and reports.


The advantages of ENJAY SYNAPSE MOBILE over the cloud telephony solution

Cloud telephony always has double billing because each call requires two channels.

Lower GSM call rates compared to any other phone line (PRI or landline)

The biggest advantage is that you own the number. You don’t tie yourself to a cloud phone provider.

If the customer calls you, you will see the customer number.

If you call a customer, the customer will see your number.

Common questions:

Which Android operating system is supported?

Android 4.4 or higher.



Is Synapse Mobile available on iOS phones?


No, it is not available and there are no immediate plans to release it.



Which versions/editions of Sugar CRM are supported?


Sugar CRM. 6.5.x (any edition – CE, Pro, Ent)



Which versions/editions of Suite CRM are supported.


Any version of Suite CRM based on Sugar version 6.5.x or higher.



How to buy Synapse Mobile


Click the button above for a demo, fill out the form and we’ll connect you.



What is Synapse Mobile’s subscription model?


Synapse Mobile is priced per user per month.



Can Synapse Mobile work if there is no mobile internet connection or my CRM is on site?


The only requirement is that both Mobile and CRM must be on the same network. So if you have a server on the site and all your users are local. No internet needed.



What permissions do I need to enable on my mobile device to run Synapse Mobile?


Managing phone calls.

Record audio

Access to media

Access to contacts

Access to SMS



How does the call recording feature work in Synapse Mobile?


The sound file mock

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