The differences between software development and software engineering

Software development and software engineering go hand in hand when it comes to software implementation. Software development is more about creating the software and when that ends, software engineering takes over creating software systems. The two disciplines are sometimes interchangeable and without much difference to the layman. If you only want specific software designed, such as database software that tracks your birding hobby, then you will only need software development. However, if you want your ornithology database to support multiple functions, such as providing a report with statistics and results, you will likely need software engineering expertise.

Software engineers implement and design software applications using many means. These software applications will be used for a variety of purposes including business methods for entertainment purposes. It is these software applications that allow users to make their time on the computer as functional and productive as possible. The types of software applications include language applications, office applications, entertainment packages and educational applications.

The cost of hiring a software developer will be significantly lower than hiring a software engineer. Before you make your final decision on what you want the software to do, you need to plan your budget, your schedule, and determine what you want the end result to be. The software development industry continues to grow every year as more and more companies develop their own software specific to what they do and what they want the software to do. Most companies will already be using some type of software application, such as an office suite, and will likely not need to develop another application for them. For most intents and purposes, it would be fine to hire a software developer for you and your business needs.

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