Why do you need call reporting software?

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Industrialization gave a strong rise to the tertiary sector in the UK, which included the rise of the services sector and call centers in the country. Businesses started communicating through their call centers to communicate with their customers for sales, up-selling and customer service. This growth has led to the huge increase in contact centers set up by companies and the number reached 6,200 in 2017. This employs around 4% of the UK workforce.

So it became important for companies to channelize and streamline the processes of these call centers. Therefore, with the help of information technology, a company began to use modern software and tools, such as telephone reporting software, management software, tracking software and performance management software for its centers.

This software mainly focuses on using data for effective decision making. The software was able to provide details about answered and unattended calls, the duration of the call, smart details of the regional center, and many different parameters. This has helped companies and their CXOs to effectively and efficiently make decisions regarding investments and expansions in their call center. Therefore, it has greatly assisted companies in framing strategies to enrich their brand values ​​through better sales and customer service.

Call center management software and tracking software have helped companies continuously monitor the impact of implemented strategies and policies. This software focused on measuring productivity parameters and key performance indicators (KPIs) to assess positive changes and areas of improvement for further growth.

With such technological advancements, CXOs now have accurate data on their contact center operations and the challenges they face at a regional, central or national level. Resources can be deployed based on call traffic or the causes of unsatisfactory or unattended calls can be easily learned. This tracking has raised the national average customer experience and productivity in the UK compared to global levels.

Companies, dedicated to this type of smart reporting software and solutions, have also increased their services to provide cloud-based software to help their customers track their daily business activities in coordination with the telecommunications infrastructure. Our software and services run on a robust architecture and have yielded positive results within a short span of time.

Our solutions also comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and are constantly updated to meet the required standards. The strict security policy and the most robust architecture of our software have allowed us to achieve 100 percent customer satisfaction.

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